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Dla sympatyków angielskich łamańców językowych:

A sick sparrow sang six sad Spring songs sitting sheltering under a squat shrub.
A nightingale knew no night was nicer than a nice night to sing his nocturnals.
A rhinoceros rushed into a restaurant and ordered ribs of beef, rabbit, rolls, raspberries, radishes, rhubarb pie and rice.
A dozen double damask dinner napkins.
A purely rural duel truly plural is better than a purely plural duel truly rural.
A single solid silver sifter sifts sifted sugar.
A shifty ”snake” selling snake skin slippers.
A rural ruler should be truly rural and recognize rural raillery.
A tutor was tutoring two tooters to toot.Said the tutor-
”is it not easier to toot, than to tutor two tooters to toot?”
a ship saileth south soon.
A new snipped sixpence snipped all round.