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Wrocław, ul. Karkonoska 10 (wejście Radio Wrocław)

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VoiceOn is the first school  for singers in Poland with Complete Vocal Technique.


      Our tuition covers indyvidual lessons which help each student to get to know deeply how their voice works in speech or/and singing. Within this approach we focus on a specific  vocal issue that needs to be fixed and the student can easily see the progress and we develop it to its full extend. Apart from working  with the teacher the student gets his own set of tools that helps his/her vocal problems. The exercises can be easily repeated and established  into the body as a new vocal habbit. In general we keep  surprising the students about their abilities to produce many kinds of sounds, even the ones that seemed to be impossible in their opinion such as:

–       expanding the vocal range (low and high notes)

–       reducing huge tensions around the vocal cords

–       producing vocal effects, such as distortion, growl, grunt etc.

–       changing the sound colour

–       increasing power in their voice without straining  the voice

You can learn to repeat sounds with the teacher almost everywhere but VoiceOn gives you the understanding of a ,,voice map‘‘ and  concrete tools to be used  conciously when working with your voice.

Fish or fishing rod – which one do you choose?

We work both with beginners and with professional singers.