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Tomasz Struszczyk - Turbo

Tomasz Struszczyk – “TURBO

  I started singing as a child. I’ve learned a lot by myself, but there were moments I realized that there are things I wasn’t able to do in singing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a person who could help me overcome my problems. I’ve met many singing teachers but I felt their methods and explanations weren’t clear for me, which cost frustration instead of development. In classical tuition I was told that there is only one type of voice emission and I have to forget everything I’ve learned so far and start to learn singing from the beginning. And I was thinking: why is that so? I can produce many sounds that don’t hurt me at all.

I’ve found the answer much later when I heard about CVT and I met Marta. She explained to me the voice physiology and I gained answers of how my body should work to produce sounds in a proper way. All the explanations were precise, clear and effective, I’ve learned about the myths in singing, what caused my problems and found out how to get rid of them in a quick logical and simple way. All in all I let myself believe that if I want a certain sound and I know how to do it technically (thanks to cvt map of voice), there are no boundaries. Marta taught me one important thing- to trust my body. If it feels good- I work properly and if it feels wrong -it is wrong. Thanks to Marta I can sing consciously and when I get into trouble I know a way to solve it. It’s worth trying. I recommend it to everyone.

Tomasz “Rzywc” – “Presidents of Noise

As a singer in a metal band I wanted to expand my skills so I got recommendation to try VoiceOn school. Reality exceeded my expectations. It turned out that a bit of conscious, systematical work gives you so much development in singing in many styles. Also it was great fun. I recommend it to everyone who really wants to work with their voice and who seeks quick result.

Agnieszka Kwapińska

Agnieszka Kwapińska

    I was rather sceptical about CVT.I didn’t believe there is a method that’s able to teach me certain vocal modes in one lesson. I ’ve tried it myself I now I know I was wrong. The effects have come just after the first lesson with Marta. I was so thrilled and realized I’ve made a good investment cause I was taught how to use my voice in a conscious way. CVT gave me awareness that every mistake has its technical reason. I got more knowledge about it and skills, which gave me control over it. Thanks to lessons with Marta I feel more confident while performing, which I assume is another success in my singing development.

Michał Aibin - The Colonists

Michał Aibin – The Colonists

     I’ve heard about VoiceOn from my friend, guitarist in,,Lov’’. Many people lack awareness in what they’re doing. In my opinion people think something happens in a certain way cause it has always been like that. We don’t think why and what can be changed. I believe it’s similar in singing. Lots of my vocal mistakes came out of lacking consciousness. Due   to  that  my self- confidence collapsed. VoiceOn school helped me to rebuild it.    As I worked with  Marta   I gained even more…I could transfer my emotions and interpret the lyrics. And my singing changed from craft to creativity and fun. It’s more natural and easy to listen. Apart from technical basics CVT teaches how to influence listeners by emotional interpretation that takes your performance to a higher level.