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Wrocław, ul. Karkonoska 10 (wejście Radio Wrocław)

Individual lessons voiceOn


The most effective vocal work with a CVT teacher

     During individual lessons you can develop your vocal skills being under the  supervision of a high-level singing teacher who focuses 100% on your goal and your wishes. The tuition in VoiceOn is definitely more than repeating singing exercise. It gives you answers to how to achieve that certain sound and develop skills very fast. Every exercise is selected for you and your vocal issues because even the best singing exercises won’t help if they’re chosen wrongly. Therefore, the first meeting in VoiceOn school lasts more than the standard 60 – minute lesson in order to analize properly your voice, establish a goal and find and way to achieve it as fast as possible. From that moment you’ll start to work effectively getting awareness in what exactly is going on within your voice.

Next meetings are there to guide you and keep  you on the right track. The effect in the end provides full awareness and control over your voice.