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About Us voiceOn

Marta Sokołowska-  singing teacher and vocal coach; VoiceOn founder

      Graduate of 3-year singing  course and  teacher course in Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen (Danemark) and also speech therapist studied in Wroclaw University (Poland). Her  10 years of singing experience  resulted in many shows and performances  among well known Polish stars, such as: Reni Jusis, Feel, Lady Pank, Kombi or Blue Cafe. Presently  lead singer in her own bands DeGentlemen and Demonstracja working on her own music. The styles she performs  vary from jazz and soul through pop, r’n’b to hard rock songs. Her recent achievement as a vocal coach is preparing and recording material for latest Turbo CD ,,Piaty żywioł‘‘ with her student Tomasz Struszczyk a hard rock singer.

CVT –Complete Vocal Technique is based on science and research concerning how the voice works and explores its capability to produce different sounds. The whole knowledge is gathered in a simple and concrete system ,,a map of voice’’ which helps to detect a vocal issue very precisely and gives a concrete answer to solve it by simple and therefore effective exercises. The research is still being held so that new sounds can be placed into that map and expand singers’ skills even more. The method helps to realize a singer that his/her dream sound is within reach.

CVT was created by a Danish researcher,  singer and  teacher Cathrine Sadolin. Her story is the best example of a person with ,,no talent’’, developing from absolute beginner (a person dealing with asthma )to a professional singer and a leading voice researcher in the world.

 And all this started from having a few singing lessons. Nowadays her repertoire covers a few styles from classical to rock and folk songs.

After 25 years of work she established  the first Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen and gives tuition to teachers, singers and speech therapists from all over the world.

There are only two  authorized cvt teachers in Poland who graduated a full 3- year teachers course in CVI and one of them –Marta Sokolowska is a founder of VoiceOn School in Wroclaw (Poland).